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Camera lanyard

Capture a little bit of wonder in the everyday.

• Feels like a film camera, but it's digital on the inside.

• App supports Android and iOS.

• Rechargeable with no need to buy film.

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Flashback Deluxe Kit
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The Soul Of A Film Camera

Get that authentic analogue experience.

Old-School Feel

Classic features from an old-school analog camera.

Bright Xenon Flash
Party shots!

Our camera uses the same bright flash as a traditional film camera, as opposed to a modern LED.

App Connected
Analog and digital collide
Mobile Feature Media

Your photos transfer wirelessly to your Android or iOS device, and develop after 24 hours.

Retro Experience
Screen-Free Summer
Mobile Feature Media

Slow down and be intentional. Just 27 photos at a time, there’s no instant gratification here!

100% Reusable
Goodbye, disposable!
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The ONE35 is entirely reusable without needing to pay for film. It recharges via USB-C (cable included).

Why Flashback?
Our Mission
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We see a world where you're empowered to truly experience the moment: Free from instant gratification and the expectation to always capture the perfect shot.

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Upgrade to the Deluxe Kit
Flashback Deluxe Kit
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Best Friends Bundle


Is it reusable?

Of course! Our camera isn’t single use, it’s designed to be used over and over again.

Does it need film?

No: Although it looks and feels like a 35mm film camera, the ONE35 is digital on the inside and doesn't need regular film.

Do I need an SD card or cable?

Your photos are transferred wirelessly to the Flashback app, with no need for a memory card or cable.

Do I pay to develop photos?

Nope! There's no need to purchase film and your photos will simply show up in the app after 24 hours.

Does the app work on my device?

The Flashback app works on iOS 13 and above, or Android 5.0 and above.

Can I export my photos?

Of course! Your photos will end up in your camera roll where you can keep them or share with friends.

How long does the battery last?

It depends how often you use the flash, but you can expect your battery to last for at least 2 weeks or about 5 "rolls of film".

Can I use it without the app?

You only need the app to transfer each group of 27 photos to your phone. The transfer can be done with or without Wifi. Other than that, feel free to go #screenfree!

Will airport scanners ruin my photos?

Nope: the camera is unaffected by X-rays and other airport scanners.